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Low Calorie Brunch: Burrata, Radicchio and Blood Orange Salad

Andra | March 4, 2018 | Low CalorieRecipesWinter

a ‘dolce far niente’ kind of brunch

burrata, radicchio and blood orange salad

burrata and blood orange recipe calories

Burrata, radicchio and blood orange salad under 300 kcal

If you have been following my latest posts, you have probably figured out how much I love blood oranges. So please bear with me for just another week or so, as they are slowly beginning to go out of season. This salad is part of my Low Calorie Fine Dining project, as it has under 300 kcal per serving. Burrata – the main element of the dish – is the posh sister of the already famous mozzarella. Similarly to mozzarella, burrata was originally made only from buffalo milk. But in our days, burrata is mostly made from cow’s milk. What makes burrata special, is the creamy filling made of soft curd and fresh cream. The authentic burrata looks like a small pouch, gently tied with a small knot. It tastes best if it’s served within 48 hours, but if stored correctly it should be perfectly edible even after a couple of days.

Burrata, radicchio and blood orange salad – recipe notes

Burrata makes a natural pairing with fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and basil. It can also be served alongside a generous slice of crusty bread. As a variation, blood orange could be paired with burrata in a savoury salad. The juice of blood orange could also be used for the vinaigrette or salad dressing, as a substitute for lemon juice. Other ingredients that make a good pairing with burrata include: radicchio, chicory and fresh radishes. The cheese is considered a delicacy, so I would highly recommend serving it fresh, in a salad or on its own. On rare occasions I came across a couple of dishes containing cooked burrata. I haven’t tasted them, but personally I believe that cooking burrata in any way would destroy its taste profile as well as its texture and let’s say ‘personality’.

Burrata, Radicchio and Blood Orange Salad

Burrata, Radicchio and Blood Orange Salad


  • (for 2 portions):
  • 1 burrata (200g)
  • 50g fresh radicchio
  • 50g tomatoes
  • 50g blood orange slices
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Maldon salt
  • optional: chilli oil


  1. Roughly break the radicchio leaves and place them in a salad bowl. Add sliced tomatoes and slices of blood oranges.
  2. Place the burrata in the middle, season and drizzle with olive oil. Add a drizzle of chilli oil for an extra kick.

burrata and blood orange recipe calories

I am very excited about the new Low Calorie Fine Dining project and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback. My aim is to elevate low calorie dinners to a new level, and not only to make them look pretty but also to make them taste super delicious. So please let me know what you think about it. And if you like what you’re seeing, follow the hastag #lowcalfinedining and the official Instagram page of the project @lowcalfinedining.

To find out more about the Low Calorie Fine Dining project, please read the Low Calorie Fine Dining manifesto here.


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