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Main Course (lunch/dinner) recipes


Wild mushroom & wild garlic risotto: a luscious and creamy risotto packed with the gentle flavour of wild garlic and the earthy taste of wild mushrooms. Perfect for lunch or dinner, this recipe requires a lot of care and attention, but if you follow all the important steps you will be amazed by the result.

Green and orange bell pepper curry with basmati rice: an Indian curry recipe for the absolute beginners. This orange and green pepper curry is easy to do and it certainly delivers on taste: nice crunchy peppers in a hot and spicy gravy with dhana jeera and garam masala, finished with a touch of lime and plenty of fresh coriander.

Spaghetti al pomodorini e basilico (baby tomato and basil spaghetti): Featuring only 3 main ingredients and less than 15 minutes preparing time, this simple but elegant dish translated as baby tomato and basil spaghetti is what aficionados could say “Italy on a plate


Basic cooking techniques and recipes


Homemade butter with pink Himalayan salt: a lovely and easy recipe involving little time and a lot of fun. Making your own butter is a great weekend project and if you season it with some pink Himalayan salt you can transform the odd butter in a real treat.


Snacks, dips and small treats


Oven baked red beetroot crisps with sea salt and fresh thyme: perfect as a snack at home or on the go, these posh oven baked beetroot crisps with sea salt and fresh thyme are healthy and full of vitamins.


Soups and starters


Basil and tarragon gazpacho soup – a very spicy soup, with strong basil and tarragon flavours complementing the rich taste of riped tomatoes and yellow pepper. This recipe is also suitable for vegans.

Spicy tomato soup – a refreshing and easy recipe, this spicy tomato soup is perfect for a summer lunch. serve it either hot or cold, accompanied with a thin slice of sourdough and some fresh lime zest. Suitable vor vegans.




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