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    Italian Recipes: Schiacciata

    Grape focaccia aka schiacciata

    Autumn on a plate Schiacciata – a variation of the Italian grape focaccia There are some foods that you only need to eat once and you fall in love with them forever. I’m sure you know the feeling. It’s like you’re suddenly having an epiphany. And then you think: oh, but it is so simple, how didn’t I think about it before? I first had schiacciata about two years ago, during a holiday in Tuscany. And I thought about it every single day of autumn ever since. During this month, I’ve been buying grapes every weekend to make it. But I always got to eat the grapes before even starting…

  • gem lettuce broth recipe
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    Romanian Recipes: Gem Lettuce Broth

    Romanian Recipes Gem Lettuce Broth with Lovage and Poached Egg Gem lettuce broth – recipe and variations There has been an ‘all things lovage’ series going on las week on my Instagram under #lovageweek. It started randomly, after I returned…

  • lovage pesto recipe
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    Lovage pesto

    when life gives you a big bunch of lovage.... ….you whip up the most delicious lovage pesto Lovage pesto with lemon and pumpkin seeds My recent trip to Romania was such an inspiration. I met with fellow bloggers at a…

  • Happy Easter
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    A Tale of Two Easters

    Happy Easter wherever you are! Easter is all about joy and fun and happy times Easter is all about joy and fun and happy times. Easter is about the joy of spring, that warm sunshine that creeps through your window,…