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Megrim Sole with Sprouting Cauliflower

Megrim sole recipe. Cook this Megrim sole fish with spring green for a quick, low calorie lunch
Megrim sole with baby courgette and sweet sprouting cauliflower

What is Megrim sole?

Megrim sole is a flat fish, from the same family as turbot. It is less known compared to the popular lemon sole or other fish from the turbot family. However, what I believe it makes it more attractive is the fact that it is cheaper than the more popular alternatives, and it is also more sustainable. According to the Marine Conservation Society and Cornwall Good Seafood Guide, the Cornish Megrim Sole has a sustainability rating of 3 (on a scale from 1 to 5, where fish to avoid are rated 5, and fish recommended are rated between 1 and 3). The Megrim sole season spreads between May and December, although it could be available as early as early April.

How to cook Megrim sole?

There are two main methods to cook Megrim sole. First – the classic pan fry method, which is quick and easy, and does require a bit of attention as the flesh is quite delicate. Alternatively, you could roast it whole, brushed with olive oil and topped with capers and parsley. Steaming could also work, although I believe that roasting and pan frying are adding extra flavour. Poaching is not recommended for this type of fish.

For this recipe, I opted for the pan fry method, and I used baby courgette, sweet sprouting cauliflower, sea vegetables and dehydrated shallot flakes for garnish. If you can’t find sea vegetables, you can replace them with blanched samphire.

Megrim Sole with Sprouting Caulflower

Andra Constantinescu
Servings: 2
Calories 330kcal


  • 2 Megrim sole
  • 2 baby courgette
  • 100 g sprouting sweet cauliflower
  • 20 g sea vegetables or blanched samphire
  • dehydrated shallot flakes
  • salt to season
  • pepper to season
  • olive oil to season
  • sunflower oil for cooking


  • Season the fish with salt and pepper, then fry it in a non stick pan for about 2-3 minutes on each side.
  • Slice the baby courgettes in half, lengthwise, and grill them for about 2 minutes. Season with salt and olive oil.
  • Blanch the sprouting cauliflower as well as the sea vegetables (or samphire) in separate pans.
  • To serve, place each fish on a plate, add the vegetables as garnish and top with dehydrated shallot flakes.

This recipe is part of the Low Calorie Fine Dining project, which I timidly started last year. My aim is to elevate low calorie dinners to a new level, and not only to make them look pretty but also to make them taste super delicious. So please let me know what you think about it. And if you like what you’re seeing, follow the hashtag #lowcalfinedining on Instagram.

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Andra Constantinescu

I am a classically trained chef, with a BSc in Culinary Arts and a Masters Degree in Food Business Management.

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