Summer recipes, showcasing seasonal ingredients such as tomato, peppers, aubergines, broccoli and more

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    Roasted tomato risotto

    This home made risotto is a celebration of love, simplicity and flavour. Today’s recipe – roasted tomato risotto – could very well be translated as “simplicity on a plate”. Making the most of the last tomatoes of this season, this simple yet flavourful…

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    Chia pudding with summer fruits

    Blueberries, apricots and banana, plus chia seeds and acacia honey makes a fresh and invigorating summer breakfast I’m usually quite reserved when it comes to wonder-foods and super-foods or other inventions that are promising to heal you from illnesses that…

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    the history and evolution of an old Italian salad  We all know about Panzanella: it’s that Italian salad with bread and tomato, right? Well, it seems that it was’t always like this.  A tuscan staple food, Panzanella is commonly known…

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    Strawberry salad

    La vie en …red! Sometimes I get obsessed. I get obsessed with people, with food, with places. And also with colours – as it was the case of an almost entire month, when everything that I cooked was green: asparagus,…