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Sunday Brunch Series: Bistrotheque

Lazy Sundays, oysters and a glass (or two) of Bellini

Bistrotheque: more than Brunch

London Brunch Bistrotheque

If only I could have Eggs Benedict on every Sunday. And a glass of Bellini. Really, this would be my idea of heaven. But the problem with Eggs Benedict is that if you want to make them at home, it will take you about an hour or so, and you will end up with a stack of pans and pots to be washed afterwards. Which could be really rewarding, knowing that you’ve just made your hollandaise from scratch – and ate it all in one sitting. It could also be great fun – every once in a while. But most of the times it is just too time consuming. Or you simply can’t be bothered.

So, it was one of those Sundays, when at 1 pm I was still in my pyjamas, and all I had managed to do was to chuck a Nespresso capsule in the coffee machine and press that one button. Nothing exciting was about to go on, so I call my foodie friend Alexandra aka @meatthefoodie to tell her the news: I’ll be spending the day on the sofa, eating whatever leftovers I will find in the fridge and doing nothing at all. Really? – she answers, slightly unconvinced. How about brunch? You mean… getting out of the sofa, showering, getting dressed, putting on make-up and travelling for one hour to god-knows-where? This should better be worthy, my friend! Think about some Eggs Benedict, she says. I’m sold. Layers of velvety hollandaise and runny yolks are beginning to unfold in front of my eyes. And I start the research. Where could we find the best Eggs Benedict in London? Better still, is there such a thing as ‘the best brunch in London’? We’ll see.

Half an hour later, I was texting Alexandra a postcode, asking her to meet me there at 3 pm. I belive I’ve found it, I am excited and have a good feeling about it already.

London Brunch Bistrotheque

One hour later we’re there. Tucked away on a narrow street on London’s East End, Bistrotheque was all that we have been dreaming of: friendly staff, laid-back atmosphere and amazing food. We started with Bellinis and half-dozen of oysters. Then went on with Eggs Benedict, an amazing clam salad with lardo and castelfranco and a beautifully spiced steak tartare. And then pancakes with rhubarb and bacon. We just couldn’t stop. We wanted to taste everything they had on the menu. We even considered to stay there for dinner, too.

London Brunch Bistrotheque

It took me one hour to get there – plus another hour to get back home. And I would happily do this journey again, and again. Because Bistrotheque has now become my favourite brunch place in London.

*For details about the menu, reservations and opening hours click here.

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